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Say goodbye to annoying flies and enjoy a peaceful environment!

Introducing the Pest Pouch™️, the   innovative disposable fly swatter bag  that puts an end to pests and allows you to reclaim your outdoor space. With its exceptional fly killer and  hassle-free hanging  design,    Pest Pouch™️ is the perfect solution for hassle-free pest control. 

Pest Pouch™️ gives you the convenience of a disposable pouch combined with the   effectiveness of a fly trap  . Simply hang the Pest Pouch™️ in your garden or near problem areas and watch as flies are irresistibly   attracted to the specially formulated bait.

Installation of the entrance flue catcher

Why should you choose Pest Pouch™️? It's not just about getting rid of flies; it is also about   creating a comfortable and hygienic environment.  The ingenious design ensures that once   the flies are caught there is no escaping!

Advantages  :

✅ Effortless Fly Control -    With Pest Pouch™️ you can say goodbye to the hassle of killing flies or setting up complicated traps. Just hang the bag and let it effortlessly attract and catch flies so you can enjoy your outdoor space undisturbed.

✅    Improved Hygiene –   By effectively catching flies, Pest Pouch™️ helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment, reducing the risk of fly-borne diseases and providing you and your loved ones with a healthier atmosphere to relax in. Say goodbye to the embarrassment and potential health risks of flying with the Pest Pouch™️.

✅    Enhanced Outdoor Experience –   With Pest Pouch™️ you can reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy undisturbed gatherings, picnics or gardening. Say goodbye to the constant buzzing and the nuisance of flies and create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.

✅    Protects your plants –   Pest Pouch™️ protects your plants from fly strikes so they can grow and thrive. By eliminating flies that can damage or affect your plants, Pest Pouch™️ ensures healthier growth, vibrant flowers and a bountiful harvest in your garden or vegetable patch.

How to use:

  1. Look for places where flies are common, such as: E.g. garbage cans, outdoor rest areas or near compost heaps.
  2. Hang the Pest Pouch™️ at a height of about 4 to 6 meters so that it is clearly visible.
  3. Sit back and let Pest Pouch™️ do its job. Flies are attracted to the bait and become tangled in the bag.
  4. Replace the Pest Pouch™️ when full or after about two weeks to ensure continued fly control.

    Installation of the entrance flue catcher


    • Subject:   flies, mosquitoes
    • Size:   20x25cm

    The package includes:

    • 1 x Plague Bag™️

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