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SuperTorch™️ | The Ultimate Torch For The Ultimate Flame Experience

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Use the raw power and precision of SuperTorch™️ for your outdoor activities!

A tool designed for those who understand the importance of reliability and efficiency. With its wind-resistant blue flame and turbo 4 torch beam, it ensures robust ignition every time.

Whether you're lighting a cigar or helping out at a BBQ session, the durable metal housing promises long-lasting performance.


✅ Wind-resistant technology -  Provides a stable flame even in difficult weather conditions.

✅ Versatile Use -  Perfect for cigars, BBQs or even bakeware.

✅ Durable Metal Construction -  Built for long life and rugged performance.

✅ High-intensity blue flame -  For precise lighting and optimal heat.


  • Lighter size: 11.5*4*2.2cm
  • Lighter weight: 200g (0.44 lb)

Package Includes :

  • 1 x SuperTorch™️

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